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There are several bail bond services in Bakersfield, and it is not always right to get the first one that you find. It is important to know that the bail bonds business is regulated by the California Department of Insurance, so you need to make certain that the bail bonds agent that you contract is licensed. To save you time in checking, we guarantee that our Bail Bonds Agents are all licensed, and they adhere to the professionalism and ethical standards required by the Department.

There are several options in bailing out your loved one from jail but trusting the services of our bail bonds company in Bakersfield will make things easier for you.  Our licensed bail bondsman will handle the paper works and everything required to set your loved ones free so that all you need to do is wait for them to be released.

Aside from that, you can save a big amount of money because you only need to pay for a portion, and not the entire bail amount. You just need to ensure that the defendant will be present in all of his scheduled court appearances.

Bail bonds are contracts made between the licensed bail bondsman and the defendant or his kin, which binds the defendant to appear in all his required court appearances in exchange for his temporary release from custody. We have to emphasize that it is in the best interest of the parties in the bail bond to ensure that the defendant would not miss any of his court appearances. Otherwise, you will pay the entire bail amount, and your loved one will be declared a fugitive.


Here is the bail process when you have one of our bail bonds agents assist you.

  1. Call us as soon as you find out your loved one is in jail. We will ask you some questions about the defendant and other information to determine the approval of the bail bond you need. At this point, you can also ask us other issues that you have in mind.

The following are the usual questions we ask.

  • Basic information about the defendant (Name, Date of Birth, Jail where he is processed)
  • Your relationship to the accused
  • Employment or source of income to establish financial capacity
  1. We will send you the documents to sign so we can complete the bail bond transaction. The good part is we can send you the documents electronically, or we can meet you at your place or the jail. The premium charge needs to be paid as well. In Bakersfield, the state approved bail bond premium is 10% of the bail amount. This rate is same throughout all bail bonds company in
  1. After signing the necessary forms, our bail bondsman in Bakersfield will post the bond to the jail where your loved one is detained. We can post the bond in jail within one to two hours. Once it is posted, the defendant will be released from custody. Do note that the release time will vary based on the bail processing time of the prison where your loved one is detained.

Think about the time and money you will save when you avail of our services. On top of that, you will also enjoy the following benefits.

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Professional and Caring Bail Bonds Agents
  • Fast and Confidential Service

Please call our hotlines or email us to get the best service. We guarantee to get your loved ones out of jail fast.