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When you or one of your family members faces criminal charges, incarceration before the trial pending bail payment is common. Whether you are guilty of those charges or not, you need to prepare for your case, and you’re also eager to return to the comfort of your home so that you can take care of your personal and family responsibilities while preparing your defense. Our 24-hour Bakersfield CA bail bond service may be the only way you’ll be able to raise the money you need fast.

Bail Bondsmen Free You Fast

Many people worry that using a Bakersfield bail bondsman will get them into financial trouble, but our service provides highly affordable bail bonds, so there is no need for concern provided the person for whom bail money is being posted is present in court on the day stipulated for his or her trial.

Here’s how it works. A judge sets a bail amount based on several factors including flight-risk. You can see the payment of bail as a way of guaranteeing to the court that you’ll be there on the day of your trial. But where will you find the money at short notice? Our company quickly raises the full amount needed to post bail for the person who has been incarcerated. This amount is refunded when the accused appears in court.

The only cost to you for your jail bond is 10 percent of the money value we made available. In other words, instead of having to place your family under financial strain by raising the full amount and then having to wait until the court appearance to get it back, you ultimately pay only ten percent of the bail amount to us. However, if the person who has been accused of a crime misses his or her court date, the full amount is forfeited, and you or your family are responsible for repaying the total amount plus our fee.

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How do judges decide how much bail must be paid?

One of the problems most people have with bail is that it isn’t a negligible sum of money. In California, it ranges from $20,000 to $5 million. Even if you have assets to that value, the chances of being able to free up the cash fast are small.

Of course, there’s a possibility that you will be released without having to pay bail – it all depends on the nature of the crime and the criminal record of the person involved. So, after an arrest, you first have to wait to hear whether the judge will set bail, and if so, how much that bail will be.

Sadly, many people are unable to pay this amount, and if they can’t, they or their family member remains incarcerated until the trial.

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Getting a bail bond

A Bakersfield bailbondsman will explain the whole process to you, but it’s actually remarkably simple. Call us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We realize that your situation is an emergency. As with any form of loan, you will have to provide surety in the form of assets that would be forfeit should you default on your court appearance. If the person who has been arrested doesn’t have such assets, family members, friends or associates can offer surety – they only have to pay back the money if the person who has been granted bail dodges the trial.

In the interests of ethical conduct, we generally do our own analysis of whether a person is likely to abide by bail conditions before being willing to assist. In this way, we are able to maintain a good relationship with California authorities.

If we agree to help you, the bond-raising fee is immediately due, and as soon as we have received payment of our fee and surety for the bail bond’s full value, we simply pay the bail, allowing the person who has been jailed to walk free.

It is imperative that the person we have bailed out appears in court

Whether a person has used their own assets as collateral or has persuaded family members or friends to do so, it is imperative that he or she appears in court. Failing to do so means that the full cash amount is due, and if it cannot be raised, the assets used as collateral will be forfeit.

Apart from this, it is extremely likely that the person accused of a crime will be apprehended sooner or later, and then it is very unlikely that he or she will be granted bail yet again. Thus, we urge our clients to abide by the terms of their bail – failing to do so will only mean a lot more unpleasantness for all concerned than is really necessary.

What if you abide by bail conditions?

The good news is that abiding by bail conditions means your bond is “exonerated”. That means you don’t have to pay a cent more to us or anyone else, and any collateral offered is once again indisputably yours, no matter what.

The only fee you don’t get back is the ten percent fee you paid us for our services – and that’s a small price to pay for getting yourself or your loved one out of jail.

Our company provides the following services:

  • DWI car release bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • License bonds
  • Estate Bonds, Executor bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Receiver and Administrator bonds
  • DUI bail bonds
  • Domestic violence bail bonds

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We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and we are here to help you. Our staff will provide you with valuable advice. Absolute courtesy and professionalism form an important part of a bond agent’s service.  We value the dignity of our clients, and we realize the need for efficiency and speed at this difficult time.

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