Booking Procedure

What Happens When My Loved One Is Detained In Jail

The Bakersfield Police will bring the arrested person to the Central Receiving Facility for the booking process. The families and friends are not given access to the detainee until he is bailed out. This moment may cause anxiety and frustration especially if you do not know what is going on inside the prison.

Knowing the booking procedure may give you some peace of mind and help you understand why it takes long to bail out your loved one. Our bail bondsman agents in Bakersfield can also give you information on the process, so you need not worry.

So what happens inside the detention facility? Your detained loved one will undergo several procedures during the booking process before he can post his bail. The booking may take long if the prison is crowded since there will be a lot of people to undergo the same procedure. Here are the fundamental steps in the booking process.

Get Key Information

The police official will get the crucial information from the defendant through personal interview or police citation. The police will also ask the complete name of the accused, his contact details, the nature of the alleged offense committed.

This part of the process is also an opportunity for the police to check whether the arrested person has an outstanding warrant.

Take Mugshot

A mugshot is a photo taken by the police to record the profile of the accused person after being arrested. The pictures taken will indicate the defendant’s name, height, date, and the crime committed.

Confiscate Personal Effects

The arrested person must hand over his personal belongings to the authorities. These personal belongings are anything that they have in their pockets and purse. The jail facility may also confiscate the defendant’s clothing if they require the detainees to wear a uniform. The jail personnel will give the inmate a complete inventory of all items taken.

The jail will return the items to the detainee upon his release from prison.

Get Fingerprints

The police will fingerprint the accused person to have a record of it on the police database. The defendant’s fingerprints will also be matched with the fingerprints taken from the crime scene.

In some cases, the police will also get specimen sample, such as saliva or hair, for crime investigation.

Full Body Search

This search is conducted to ensure that the arrested person does not carry any contraband or weapon inside the detention area.

Health Check

The health check is a general physical exam performed to ensure that the detainee is fit to stay in the detention facility with other inmates. Blood tests and X-rays may be required as part of the inmate’s health check.

After the completion of these checks, your loved one will be transferred to a holding facility while they await their court appearance or the posting of their bail.

Being in detention could be a very traumatic experience for your loved one. Please call our bail bonds agents in Bakersfield so that we can immediately assist you in getting your loved one out of prison.